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C953 SO светильник Ferroluce

C953 SO светильник Ferroluce
Цена: 10620руб. с НДС;
заказ по телефону: +7 (495) 727-14-91
Для звонков по России: 8 (800) 100-39-72 (бесплатно)

Всем творческим людям, использующим дизайнерский VERONA 42 suspension by Ferroluce, в решении своих интерьеров, предоставим специальные условия на заказ. Архитекторы, проектировщики, дизайнеры - звоните по бесплатному номеру 8 800 100 39 72 чтобы обсудить возможные условия для вас.Каждый клиент, обратившийся к нам с целью преобретения светильников получает ведущего менеджера, контролирующего заказ, бесплатную доставку до транспортной компании для жителей регионов РФ, Белоруссии и Казахстана. Доставка C953 SO по Москве при розничных заказах платная - цена 500 рублей.

Производитель Ferroluce
Цвет металла like on the first picture
AG silver
NR Black copper
NA Black silver
U rust-brown
OB Polished brass
BI white
OL shiny brass
CR chrome
NS glazed nickel
diffusor: like on the first picture
matt + 17,57 Euro
Pattern: like on the first picture + 30,74 Euro
30. dec. is + 30,74 Euro
28. dec. w. brown + 30,74 Euro
55. dec. bus + 30,74 Euro
22. dec. x. + 30,74 Euro
08. blue + 30,74 Euro
13. Dec. C + 30,74 Euro
without pattern
VERONA 42 suspension by Ferroluce
Производитель FERROLUCE
Артикул VERONA 42
Материал ceramics

VERONA 42 suspension by Ferroluce Ferroluce is a modern, young and dynamic company, founded in 1982, which wants to mix together the traditional culture of our places with the international reality. The lamps, synonym of care and simplicity, represent the love for tradition and old values and recreate an unique atmosphere for style and elegance.All the products are realized completely in Italy and , trying to find the right balance between aesthetics and quality, every decoration is handmade , in the respect of sobriety and traditional Italian style.Our craftsmen , working with love and attention for harmony of shapes and colors, create models with a unique personality in accordance with any requirement the public may have .Thanks to all these qualities, Ferroluce is now a day a leading company in classic lamps handmade production and is a guarantee of quality products made with traditional skills ,differing from the monotony of industrial production.The Ferroluce lamps are handmade products, made for you on request and 100% made in Italy. Choose the ceramic finishing: glossy or matt. Choose the one of the 6 pattern. On request there are available more than 50. It's also possible to have a lamp with a personal pattern. Choose the metal, 6-9 colors. On request there are available more colors. Every lamp is a unique and the normal rights of return are not valid. If you have any question don't hesitate to contact us.

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