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455733116 потолочный светильник Philips

455733116 потолочный светильник Philips
Цена: 7155руб. с НДС;
заказ по телефону: +7 (495) 727-14-91
Для звонков по России: 8 (800) 100-39-72 (бесплатно)

Всем творческим людям, использующим дизайнерский 455733116 InStyle ceiling light Flexo by Philips, в решении своих интерьеров, предоставим специальные условия на заказ. Архитекторы, проектировщики, дизайнеры - звоните по бесплатному номеру 8 800 100 39 72 чтобы обсудить возможные условия для вас.Каждый клиент, обратившийся к нам с целью преобретения светильников получает ведущего менеджера, контролирующего заказ, бесплатную доставку до транспортной компании для жителей регионов РФ, Белоруссии и Казахстана. Доставка 455733116 по Москве при розничных заказах платная - цена 500 рублей.

Производитель Philips
455733116 InStyle ceiling light Flexo by Philips
Производитель Philips
Артикул 455733116
Light color: 2700k
Материал metal - colour: white
Размер (см) 21x21x7,4
Цоколь LED
Лампа в комплекте yes
Количество ламп 1
Мощность 7,5W

Decorate your home with light If you want to play with light choose this white LED wall or ceiling light. It has an on/off switch and with a bi-directional light effect, it draws the attention of the eye. Twist and turn to experience innovative lighting. Fit the lighting you really want • Expressive and elegant forms, premium materials • Multiple applications and finishes to suit your taste Advanced LED light • High Power LED • High light quality with strong light output • Warm white light effect • Bi-directional bundled and diffused light Special characteristics • On/off switch on article • Suitable for wall and ceiling installation • Rotates freely in any direction Sustainable light solutions • Extremely long operating life • Energy saving Forms and materials Philips InStyle is designed to fit perfectly with the best of all interior decoration, offering multiple styles to blend perfectly in anyone's home. With many applications and finishes, it combines well with features like curtains, furniture, paint and accessories to complete the look you desire. Careful attention to details and designs helps you to express your personal style, for interior decoration just the way you want it. This means inviting ambience and surroundings that friends, family and you will enjoy. Multiple applications If you enjoy design, and like to experiment with the latest styles and themes in your home, try Philips InStyle. It's a range of decorative pendants, wall, ceiling, floor and table lamps in premium materials and different colours. High Power LED The LED module is a unique solution developed by Philips, which combines 3 LEDs in a synthetic and aluminium housing. This technique enables an optimal light output and a 100% uniform light colour. Warm white light effect Light up your home with warm white light effects thanks to the latest LED innovation. Philips introduces the latest generation of warm white light high power LEDs, reaching a colour temperature of 2700 Kelvin. This innovation brings our luminaires to the next level, allowing you to combine elegance and ambience creation with light and energy efficiency. Bi-directional light This lamp combines functional decorative light with orientation light. Thanks to the two discreetly integrated buttons, you can easily switch between a reading light and a decorative light or even switch both of them on. High light quality A module of 7.5 W produces the equivalent light output as a 40 W incandescent lamp (350 Lumen) with strong light output. Energy saving This light conserves energy compared with traditional light sources, helping you to save money on your electricity bills and do your bit for the environment. Extremely long operating life A light source you can trust. Philips LED lights offer an extremely long-life of at least 20,000 hours (which equals 20 years on a basis of an average use of 3 hours/day with an amount of at least of 13,000 on/off switching cycles). It feels so comfortable to think that you won't have to worry about maintenance or lamp replacement while having the perfect light ambience in your home.

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