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Null Vector 0940020A Artemide Design

Null Vector 0940020A Artemide Design
Цена: 11868руб. с НДС;
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Дополнительную интересующую вас информацию по светильнику 0940020A вы можете узнать по телефонам у наших продавцов! Null Vector displays a full combination of optical and mechanical performance. The aluminium body is both a structural and an optical component for light emission control. The whole structure is generated from an escalating growth of an individual punching and cutting mould, designed in the two versions alfa and beta. This matrix is characterized by a punch pattern with three functions - luminous, perceptive, and mechanical. While, on one hand, it is the result of a well-calculated study of light emission in space, translated into a graphic element supporting perception, on the other it derives from surpassing the limits of the material’s processing technology. The optical system with an energy-saving light source with E14 connection also includes a texturized glazed diffuser, which ensures uniform lighting. The multi-faceted punched structure generates a magic lighting effect evoking the product’s simplicity and lightweight in all the available finishes.

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