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M284410 Caelum Artemide Architectural

M284410 Caelum Artemide Architectural
÷ена: 30360руб. с Ќƒ—;
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«анимаемс€ импортом на российский рынок светотехники и светильников производства Architectural by Artemide, будем рады получить ваш запрос дл€ просчета размера скидки.

ƒополнительную интересующую вас информацию по светильнику M284410 вы можете узнать по телефонам у наших продавцов! Caelum is designed to provide a versatile lightingsolution for the retail sector. It is a highly flexible,multi-functional system, with a high aestheticand exceptionally high performance.Caelum is a modular lighting system with anopen recessed profile channel, which integratesperfectly with the architectural design. It consistsof 4 main elements:Trimless recessed structural modules in variouslengths; channel apertures: 86 mm and 140 mm;Spotlight kits for accent lighting, using LED, HITand 12V halogen lamps;Optional kits for fluorescent lamps for indirectlighting inside the recessed channel.Optional covers to delineate the channel. Thespotlight kits are available in 2 sizes: Ø 90 mm andØ 120 mm (diameter of the optical assembly) andare provided with a swivel arm which allows totalconcealment of the spotlight or, if open, allows thepartial or total extraction of the spotlight from thechannel.A double hinge system provides a high degree ofregulation of the beam direction.The spotlights are provided with an electronicpower supply. The LED spotlights are available with1000, 2500 and 3000 lumen power, in warm whiteor neutral (3000K, 4000K).Depending on the size, the HIT spotlights areavailable for the following power supplies: 5/20W-35W, G8, 5/35W-70W, AR111/35W-70W.The largest size spotlight is also available in a 12VQR111 100W max halogen version.The indirect lighting kit uses T16-Seamless fluorescent lamps to guarantee a continuous illuminationwithin the channel, without gaps or shadows.The extruded elements are installed along bothedges of the ceiling cut, creating a channel that canbe finished with an optional top cover.The 86 mm aperture is suitable for small spotlights -Ø 60 mm - whereas the 140 mm aperture issuitable for medium and large spotlights.

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