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T418839N10 Epulo Artemide Outdoor

T418839N10 Epulo Artemide Outdoor
÷ена: 45471руб. с Ќƒ—;
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«анимаемс€ импортом на российский рынок светотехники и светильников производства Outdoor by Artemide, будем рады получить ваш запрос дл€ просчета размера скидки.

ƒополнительную интересующую вас информацию по светильнику T418839N10 вы можете узнать по телефонам у наших продавцов! Light fixture with adjustable direct emission, with high-performance LED light sources. Floor, wall and eaves installation. 2 sizes: Epulo 13 and Epulo 18.Available in two finishes: grey-white painted and anthracite grey painted.Composed by lighting unit, terminal board and fixing bracket. Rotation on the base +/-180°, side body tilt +/-45° and front body tilt +0/-90 by means of a spherical joint allowing an accurate adjustment.Body and terminal board in EN AB44100 aluminium, fixing bracket in stainless steel, silicone gaskets. Electronic ballast integrated in the body.Silkscreened tempered glass siliconed flush with the body to avoid backwater.IP67 connector for electric connection to the mains, it can be housed in the terminal board compartment and is suitable for cables with a diameter of 5-13.5mm.PMMA lenses in 3 different versions of beams.White monochromatic LEDs available in 3 colour temperatures:Warm = 3000KNeutral = 4000KCold = 6000KScrews in AISI 316 stainless steel.The components in die-cast aluminium and the steel bracket are painted with 3-stage outdoor treatment: nanotechnologies, antioxidant primer, polyester paint.Technical features of light fixtures in compliance with EN60598-1 and part 2-5.IP Rating IP65. Insulation class I.

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