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37 Cube Artemide Architectural M028504

37 Cube Artemide Architectural M028504
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ƒополнительную интересующую вас информацию по светильнику M028504 вы можете узнать по телефонам у наших продавцов! 37 Cube is a Led spotlight with extremely small dimensions (37x37x37mm) featuring a perfect balance between size and luminous flux: the device is visually out of the way, whilst all the attention is aimed at the lighting effects in the room. The body in extruded aluminium is completed by a translucent shell that receives the interchangeable lenses (2x7° / 2x10° / 2x16°) and provides a diffused lighting effect. The minimalistic volumes breathe light into a new quality, from both the architectural and technical lighting standpoint as well as in terms of sustainability and savings. Adjustable by 358° along the vertical axis and by 90° along the horizontal axis, they provide accurate and effective accent lighting with only 7 Watts of used power. The extremely compact size of 37 Cube allows it to be installed semi-recessed into the ceiling, and together with the Algoritmo product line, as it can be completely housed inside the modules. Materials: body in extruded aluminium, screen / lens holder in satin-finish polycarbonate. Complies with EN62471, EN60598 and other specific standards.
LED 6W (4x1,5W) 3000K 2x7° non dimmableCRI > 80

ќпубликовано: 5-12-2015 (ѕросмотров: 0)
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